What inspection in software testing

What inspection?

Inspection is formal technique for checking all the documents in different aspects.  There is a proper preparation before inspecting all the documents of the software.

What is the main focus of inspection?

The main focus of inspection is following;

  • Design inspection
  • Unit inspection
  • Overall software inspection

How inspection meeting is arranged?

  1. Leader presents the participants of the inspection.
  2. Leader presents the roles of the participants.
  3. All the group check the checklist of everyone in the meeting for a better inspection.
  4. Main issues in the checklist are discussed first.
  5. All reviewers presents the contents of their inspection object with a little time.
  6. There are two main roles. Author of the document and reviewer of the document. If both are disagree with each other than all the meeting participants are involved in decision to evaluate the document of author.
  7. At the end of the inspection, decision is taken to evaluate that what thing is need to reword and what thing is ok.

Reviewers have a pre-planned checklist. This checklist contains the  criteria for checking the different aspects of the software.

What are goals of inspection?

There are many goals of inspection. Some of the goals are as followsl

  • To find the unclear things
  • To find the possible risks
  • To find the possible defects
  • To detect the hidden and unseen bugs
  • To evaluate the test cases and documents.
  • To improve the development process

What is difference between walkthrough and inspection?

There is no proper plan.Planned meeting.

All meeting members already know their roles.

Started by the authorStarted by overall project team
Author built a record for defects discussed during the meeting.Recorder built a record for defects discussed during the meeting.
Author presents the overall code.

Other team members try to find the defects and give  suggestions

One of the reader presents the product code.

All the team inspects and tries to find the defects.