Jaccard coefficient similarity measure for asymmetric binary variables

How to calculate the similarity of an asymmetric binary variable using Jaccard coefficient?

Jaccard coefficient is used to calculate the similarity among asymmetric binary attributes.

Contingency table for binary data:

Object 2
Object 1 1 / True / Positive0 / False / NegativeSum
1 / True / PositiveABA + B
0 / False / NegativeCDC + D
SumA + CB + D 
[quads id=1]
NameFeverCoughTest 1Test 2Test 3Test 4
AsadNegativeYes Negative Positive Negative Negative
BilalNegative Yes NegativePositive Positive Negative
TahirPositiveYes Negative Negative Negative Negative

Consider 1 for positive/True  and 0 for negative/False

jaccard similarity in statistics

Similarly, we can calculate the similarity of one object with each other object.