HTML Hyperlinks

What is hyperlink?

A link of some web page. If we click on the hyperlink, then the page associated with this hyperlink is open.

How to put the hyperlinks in html?

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There are two methods;

  1. Relative path
  2. Absolute path

Relative path: need to put both files in one folder, so there is no need to put the full path indicating that where is file located. For example <a href=”b.html”>Click here</a>

Relative Path Example:

Step 1: store all the web pages in a same folder

how to link a web page in html

Step 2: Write the code for first page

hyperlink in a web page html
Step 3: Check the output
links in html
Step 4: Write the code for second page














hyperlinks to html

Step 5: Check the output

hyperlinking in arabic






Step 6: Open the page 1 and click on the link below

links in html

Step 7: New page appears

hyperlinking in arabic

Can i put image in separate folder and code file in separate folder?

Yes, You can  but you need to put the absolute path.

What is absolute path?

Absolute path is a full path indicating that where is file located.

For example


  • your image name is 1
  • Your image type is jpg
  • Your image is in folder (images)

Then we can put the code as follows:  <img src=”images/1.jpg” />

More examples of absolute path

  • <a href=”folder1/b.html”>Click here</a>
  • <a href=”folder1/folder2/b.html”>Click here</a>
  • <a href=”../b.html”>Click here</a>
  • <a href=”../../b.html”>Click here</a>


hyperlinks html

hyperlinking in hypext markup language