Functional software Testing

What is Functional software Testing?

 Functional software testing verifies the input and output behavior of the system being designed.

How to develop the test cases of Functional Testing?

Black box testing techniques are used for developing the test cases.

What is Requirements based software testing?

Requirements based software testing  takes the  functional requirements as the foundation  for  software testing.

How much test cases can be designed to test the one functional requirement?

One test case is must for each requirement however more than one test cases can also be designed to test the software in more detail.

Give example of Requirements based software functional testing?

Functional requirement

Functional test case

R 001: The user can upload picture. TC R 001:

User is able to successfully upload the picture or not?

R 002: The user can enter  secure  password during sign up.TC R 001:

User enter the password with minimum length and with combination of letters and numbers or not?