earning through facebook page, Online Earning Methods

Earn Money with Facebook Page

If you have thousands of page likes then it means that you have thousands of facebook users in your community.There are many methods to earn through facebook page. Some of them are here in our discussion listed below;

  1. To sell some product online through your facebook page.

FAQ:  How it is possible that I can sell my product through facebook page?

Ans: If you have thousands of likes then you can’t image your advertisement power. If you post only one add daily on your page, then thousands of people can know about your product.

  1. To sell some third party product on your facebook page.

FAQ: Is it possible that 3rd party allow me to sell their products?

Ans: Yes, you can get an advertisement contract from third party and can get the commissin after each sale through your page.

  1. To sell your facebook page to other companies.

FAQ: Why other companies purchase the page from me?

Ans: You have many users who are linked with your page. If a company buy the page from you and company post the ads on this page, then it can be a powerful source of advertisement. Rate of your facebook page  totally depends on the total likes on page.