Do while Loop in PHP

Do while Loop in PHP

The do while loop always executes a block of statements once, it then checks the condition and repeats the loop as long as the specified  condition is true. In do while loop the condition is checked after executing a statement. It means  the do while loop will executes its  statement at least  once, even if the condition is false the first time.

Flow chart of Do While Loop

do while loop in php
Figure: do while loop in php

Example of Do while loop

An example program to demonstrate the Do while loop


value is :7


Code in PHP


<?phpPhp opening tag.
  $x=7;Variable is declared  and initialized with value 7.
 doStarting of do while loop.
 {Starting bracket of  loop.
                 echo “value is :$x<br>”;Statements within loop that will executes.
                 $x++;Value of variable is incremented  by 1 and loop will repeats the execution of statements untill the loop remains true.
 }Ending of loop
while($x<=6)Here the condtion is checked 
?>Closing tag of php.


Code in PHPSame code in C++
  $x=7;Int x=7;
                 echo “value is :$x<br>”;Cout <<”value is :”<<x<<endl;